Welcome Back RAIDERS!! Back to school night Sept. 10th

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Mini session de Amor y Lógica
Date: 9/4/2014, 9 AM 11 AM
Location: Sala de conferencia
Mini-session of Love and Logic
Date: 9/4/2014, 6 PM 8 PM
Location: Room 15, enter through the parking lot on St. Johns. Above the doorway is "Instructional technology Building"
Parenting the Second Time: Grandparents Rearing Grandchildren
Date: 9/8/2014, 9 AM 10:30 AM
Location: Conference room
Siendo padres por segunda vez: Abuelos educando a nietos
Date: 9/8/2014, 6 PM 7:30 PM
Location: En la sala 15, Viene de la entrada en la calle St. Johns. Arriba de la puerta dice "Instructional Technology Building".
Back to School Night
Date: 9/10/2014, 5:30 PM 7:30 PM
Location: Cafeteria

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Supply List -- Lista de Utiles
It is necessary your students are ready for the day. It is required that your students have a backpack. Students may also be asked for a few binders. You may want to purchase these while there are sales.
Es necesario que sus estudiantes esten listos para aprender. Se requiere una mochila. Algunos maestros piedieron carpetas. Compren unos extras mientras que estan en venta.
Back to School Night is Wednesday, September 10, 5:30 pm. Do not miss this opportunity to get to know your students' teachers.
Do you prefer texts than voicemail? Follow the instructions and receive texts! Text YES to 68453 and receive texts from Messenger.

Prefiere texto para los mensajes de la esceula? Manden "YES" a 68453 para recibir textos.
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